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Rebecca Fox is a metal sculptor based in San Francisco, CA who has been working with metal for more than twenty-five years. As her welded steel sculptural work was becoming more detailed and intricate, some of Rebecca’s designs led her to investigate working in sterling silver so she could create wearable art. In 2016 she officially launched her sculptural jewelry line.


Rebecca used her metalworking skills to translate her larger 3D sculptures into smaller pieces. She took jewelry classes where she learned to solder and explored a vast array of jewelry making techniques. With her existing background in creating tabletop to large scale sculpture and wall sculpture, she was able to use her expertise in metal to transform her work into jewelry and apply her extensive knowledge of metalworking skills to scale her work down to miniature sculptures.


Rebecca's jewelry often incorporates textural elements created by hand hammering and hand texturing with various metalworking tools, resulting in organic sculptural pieces using minimal lines with contrasting textural elements.


Rebecca often overlaps ideas, designs and themes in her sculptures and jewelry. One of the main themes she works with in all her work is circles. Through her abstracted use of circles, Rebecca’s work challenges perceptions of process and material to suggest closer examinations. She encourages the viewer to explore the subtle textures, depth and dimensions created in the work as expressed through the metal and patina.


Rebecca’s work explores the contradiction of material and process by transforming metal to appear soft and delicate, resulting in work that evokes contemplation, balance, and calm. The circle also helps to achieve the contrast of material vs. form by invoking a sense of continuousness, calmness, and tranquility.

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