Inspired by her larger three-dimensional sculptural pieces and wall sculptures, each piece of modern contemporary Rebecca Fox Jewelry is handmade and hand soldered in sterling silver.  Rebecca Fox Jewelry incorporates textural elements created by hand hammering and hand texturing with various metalworking tools, resulting in organic sculptural pieces using minimal lines with contrasting textural elements.


Rebecca Fox Jewelry is located at Islais Creek Studios in San Francisco, CA.





Rebecca Fox is a San Francisco metal sculptor who after more than twenty years working in metal has expanded her work to include a jewelry line - Rebecca Fox Jewelry.


Rebecca moved to San Francisco from Los Angeles in 1996 where she was introduced to jewelry during a metal arts class at San Francisco City College.  Rebecca did not immediately connect with the material and scale. Instead she found her true passion creating welding steel sculpture.  For the next twenty years (and counting!), Rebecca has created a successful career as a metal sculptor.  


While preparing for a show working on a series of very detailed small-scale welded steel wall pieces, Rebecca was inspired to create wearable art.  In 2014 she made her first piece of jewelry (a necklace) using steel and welding tiny ball bearings inside circular ring forms.  For the next two years she continued exploring and experimenting with different designs and metals until she discovered she could incorporate some of her sculptural designs using sterling silver.  In 2016 she created Rebecca Fox Jewelry to showcase these new designs.